About us

In the tradition of Hanseatic Business we export manufacturing components from Hamburg to Asean countries. And this for more than 120 years, now. 


C.T. Struckmann & Waege was found in 1898 in Hamburg, when the city was already one of the most important hubs in Europe for the maritime trade with the world. With an office close to the harbor Mr Struckmann and Mr Waege then started their first shipments of components and raw materials for beer brewing in the Philippines. 

From the beginning, the corporate philosophy of C.T. Struckmann & Waege was shaped by the „Hanseatic business man tradition“ what means that business lies on core principles such as mutual respect, liability and trustworthiness.

Today, where globalization, technology and digitalization changed every way of working, these principles are still our corporate basis. Our longterm partnerships between us in Hamburg and our partners in Asean countries proof us right.